Dr. John Hale


Computer Science

Dr. John Hale holds the Tandy Endowed Chair in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at The University of Tulsa.  He is a Professor of Computer Science and a faculty research scholar in the Institute for Information Security. As director of the Institute (1999 – 2009), Hale spearheaded the development of iSec’s information assurance curriculum and its certification under the NSTISSI and CNSSI federal information security training standards.  In 2000, he earned a National Science Foundation CAREER award for his education and research initiatives.  His research interests include cyber attack modeling and analysis, medical informatics, and heterogeneous computing.

Education: PhD, Computer Science, The University of Tulsa (1997).

Background: Security engineering, management and analytics, applied formal methods, biomedical informatics, high performance computing.